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Get your business growing and start living your dream by partnering with experienced business experts who deeply care about your success!



You should work smarter – not harder! We’ve optimized and refined our processes and services over the years to create the winning formula for your success and growth.

You have a light to shine, a message to deliver, an answer to the world’s need… We believe you can gain clarity, power, understanding, and the key to unlock growth when you look through the Prism as you partner with us!


Business Consulting

You know your business better than anyone, but may be feeling stuck or struggling to take it to the next level. We can collaborate on business plans, leadership, company culture, marketing strategy, user flows, new product ideas, data strategy, or current challenges you’re facing, and come to solutions together.


In our digital age, it can be intimidating to organize and execute marketing plans to reach your intended audience and grow your business. Let us help navigate the marketing and bring simplicity and clarity to acquiring new business. With social media, email, digital ads, blogs, referral traffic, branding, websites, campaigns, reporting, data analysis, design, and videos, it can be overwhelming – that’s why we offer full service marketing, to help carry that load and execute on the strategy.

Web Design

Great quality websites, optimized for mobile devices and desktop, ranking well in search engines, loading quickly, providing an easy and pleasant experience for your visitors, represents everything about you and your business, and effectively converting prospects into leads, and visitors into customers – that is the dream! Let’s work together to make that a reality.

Data Analytics

You cannot improve what you do not measure. Understanding your data, your customer, the results of your decisions, the performance of your initiatives, and the profitability of each aspect of your business is crucial to growing your business. Partner with us to develop a data strategy, gather your data effectively, find valuable insights, be equipped to operate from data-driven decisions, learn from quality data analyses, and gain a competitive advantage with leveraging data effectively.



Here are a few of the businesses we’ve worked with over the years. We are proud to have helped so many grow their businesses and reach more people!

➡️ We helped grow leads 7x year over year, with a 6x ROI
➡️ We helped automate vendor reviews, reducing a 2 week process to 4 hours.
➡️ We helped grow e-commerce 5x revenue year over year, with a 4x ROI
➡️ We helped understand product mix shifts in trend and pricing discrepancies to quickly pivot and net increase profits over $1M (about 20% lift) year over year


Prism Consulting Client Logos


We’ve served with startups and large business alike, from creating logos, t-shirt designs, and promotional videos to machine learning statistical data analysis, daily scripts automating marketing processes with API connections, managing marketing programs, and building effective websites that rank well and convert!  Below are a few of the examples of our work.

Data Analytics & Business Consulting

Knowing your numbers and making sense of your data is crucial for any business to succeed and gain a competitive advantage. 

This example is a Daily Goals Scorecard dashboard we created for Ramsey Education, to daily monitor goal performance for the top three KPI’s (active schools, lives served, and revenue), compare accumulated monthly revenue to the pacing trend line for the monthly goal, goal performance by department and sales advisor, and several other metrics. This dashboard was a game changer for the business – emailed and printed and distributed to the entire team daily to allow everyone to rally together to win each month!

Let’s work together to make data-driven decisions, to track your performance, and win!

Prism Consulting Dashboard
Prism Consulting Website & Marketing

Web Design, Business Consulting & Digital Marketing

For Custom Home Exteriors, a great construction company specializing in roofing, siding, windows, and other exterior work in both business and residential properties, we partnered with them to help grow the business and increase leads.

We led their marketing program – rebuilt the website, optimized it for SEO and responsive for mobile, managed digital advertising, social media marketing, and internet business listings, worked with leadership on effective Sales follow up, user flows, updated the CRM, managed marketing automation and email journeys, market research, campaigns, data strategy, and reporting!

We helped increase lead generation 6-fold, accurately track leads data through the funnel, and improve the sales process!


Prism Consulting is a data-driven marketing agency focused on business consulting, full-service marketing and web support, and data analytics. We believe in doing whatever it takes to help you win, and our team of experts are uniquely qualified to help!

We were established in 2007 and have served countless customers. Our owners, Andrew & Veronica Knight, have had this company as a dream to launch full time – in 2021, that dream became reality! 

The name “Prism Consulting” was decided after much prayer and consideration. Inspired by Jesus’s words in Matthew 5:14 (“You are the light of the world”), the prism was selected for how amazing it interacts with light – it clarifies, discerns, and amplifies. The capital “P” in the logo is designed to look like the Greek letter “phi” (or φ – from “light” in the verse – Greek work phos, or φῶς… It is also fascinating how in math, “phi” represents the golden ratio!). It represents the strength of the pyramid and triangle shape, to illustrate solid business foundations, as well as a threefold philosophy of complimentary knowledge, wisdom, and understanding (from Proverbs 2:6).

Wisdom involves solid business decision making and discernment
Knowledge involves gathering data and continual learning
Understanding involves the insight and mindset shifts that occur from an analysis of the data.


Let’s chat about how we can partner together and grow your business!

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